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Priorities for Nevada

Suburb Houses


As we know, housing costs have been skyrocketing for several years with seemingly no end in sight. I have a robust housing plan which will decrease prices, lift the burden on renters and provide housing to those who need it most. I believe housing is a human right and we need to all start recognizing this as a simple truth.

Chemistry Class


Teachers play such a crucial role in a good, healthy and vibrant society. They are charged with shaping the minds of our future. It is important that we treat our teachers as best as we can and this does include paying them more.

Solar Panels


I am a firm believer in alternative-renewable energy. Nevada is at the forefront of states who have access to the most renewable energy in the nation. We are privileged to have so much wind and solar that if we wanted to, we could be global producers of technology that best harnesses this natural energy. But I also believe in revisiting previous technologies such as nuclear and hydro as ways to decrease harmful fossil fuels.

Crowd Protesting


Strengthening our job force is important to have a vibrant and healthy economy. Our workers are what makes Nevada run. It is important that we focus on increasing staffing among state agencies who have been severely lacking over the past number of years. It is also important that we work to make it easier to start a new business here in Nevada.

Blood Pressure


In Nevada, it is no secret that our healthcare system is a mess. Nationally, healthcare is not afforded to a large portion of the population and that is also the case here in our state. I believe healthcare is a human right. It doesn’t make sense to live in one of the world’s superpowers in the 20st century and not acknowledge that all people deserve healthcare as a basic need. The federal government has failed us when it comes to providing healthcare for all people, so it is now our responsibility to do so on the state level.

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Equal Rights

We all believe that people either are equal or that all people deserve to be equal. I will always fight for equity where inequality exists.


Criminal Justice

We have seen over the past decade such an eruption of both police violence and societal backlash. People know that our criminal justice system is broken and we are tired of seeing this in our own neighborhoods. Problems are not just among those who are people of color but also those who are less fortunate economically or who have a history of drug use.


Climate Change

Climate Change is one of the most existential threats to humanity’s survival. We must act now to prevent further destruction. It is important for Nevada to elect leaders who understand and listen to scientists and environmental experts on what to do to help correct climate change. 

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