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Read below to hear Aaron's priorities in his own words.

Strengthening our job force is important to have a vibrant and healthy economy. Our workers are what makes Nevada run. It is important that we focus on increasing staffing among state agencies who have been severely lacking over the past number of years. It is also important that we work to make it easier to start a new business here in Nevada.

  • A strong workforce begins with stronger protections for workers. I am an avid supporter of workers unions who do a lot to protect their workers and fight for fair treatment and better benefits.

  • Nevada agencies have been severally lacking personnel for quite some time now and it’s time the state legislature work towards filling these vacancies and increasing some offices so that we can have more personnel. We have seen department from prisons to the DMV having to make cuts that hurt people in order to stay afloat.

  • Small businesses make up the largest workforce in the private sector of Nevada. We should do what we can to encourage job growth including reducing the costs to file for and start a business here.

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