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Read below to hear Aaron's priorities in his own words.

In Nevada, it is no secret that our healthcare system is a mess. Nationally, healthcare is not afforded to a large portion of the population and that is also the case here in our state. I believe healthcare is a human right. It doesn’t make sense to live in one of the world’s superpowers in the 20st century and not acknowledge that all people deserve healthcare as a basic need. The federal government has failed us when it comes to providing healthcare for all people, so it is now our responsibility to do so on the state level.

  • We will work to create a new healthcare for all initiative for Nevada. This will include building a state funded alternative to privatized insurance and once it’s complete, we will be able to offer all Nevadans good healthcare coverage with no out of pocket cost.

  • In order for the State of Nevada to establish a sustainable public option, we will have to take a good hard look at the outrageous cost inflation in our healthcare system, especially in hospitals.

  • An emerging trend in healthcare is value-based care, where hospitals charge based upon outcomes as opposed to the traditional fee for service model, where we pay inflated costs for an itemized list of services rendered. The value-based care model is cheaper for everyone, creates an incentive for better care, and is still profitable for hospitals. But it is financially risky for them to make the switch, so I propose subsidizing that transition. This will save Nevadans a lot on inpatient healthcare.

  • I will help make legislation that will significantly increase funding for public mental health including building new clinics across the state that will offer the most updated treatments for all mental illness. We really need to combat this epidemic and doing so at the state level will also decrease the chances of people becoming homeless due to mental health issues.

  • We will first begin the process of a healthcare for all measure in Nevada by offering incentives for doctor’s offices to participate. We will also expand our current state health exchange as a temporary solution to immediately offer Nevadans an alternative.

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