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Equal Rights

Read below to hear Aaron's priorities in his own words.

We all believe that people either are equal or that all people deserve to be equal. I will always fight for equity where inequality exists.

  • Women are equal to men and should be treated as such in every part of society. I support working towards closing the gap of pay between men and women and I am a strong defender of women’s reproductive rights.

  • Members of our LGBTQ+ community are important to our society. They are our co-workers, friends, educators, family members and so-on. They deserve an equal voice in government, something that my very candidacy is moving us towards. They deserve protections from workplace bigotry and school place bullying. In particular, we need to do more for our trans citizens who have been getting the worst treatment from society for too long.

  • People of color make up a diverse and vibrant population here in Nevada. We owe it to all of them to fight for equality and fairness in places such as getting a mortgage for a new home, jobs and economic security, and of course working to end police brutality across the board.

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