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Read below to hear Aaron's priorities in his own words.

Teachers play such a crucial role in a good, healthy and vibrant society. They are charged with shaping the minds of our future. It is important that we treat our teachers as best as we can and this does include paying them more.

  • We will work towards decreasing class sizes so that teachers can offer more quality time per student while increasing school sizes in the long run. This will give students the ability to better learn more directly and will relieve a lot of pressure teachers face with overcrowding classrooms.

  • Throwing money at the schools isn’t the complete story, we need to work to channel what it is we are paying for. I will encourage a state oversight panel that will ensure money schools are getting are going to what is needed.

  • We have all the data necessary to determine the cost of education per student in each school district. We need to adjust the funding per student, to actually reflect the cost per student in that specific district. We will see significantly greater impact per dollar by making these adjustments.

  • I will also encourage teachers, parents and student to get more involved in shaping the future of public education. We have the chance to build the best example of public education in the world and we need to put in the work to get that done.

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