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Criminal Justice

Read below to hear Aaron's priorities in his own words.

We have seen over the past decade such an eruption of both police violence and societal backlash. People know that our criminal justice system is broken and we are tired of seeing this in our own neighborhoods. Problems are not just among those who are people of color but also those who are less fortunate economically or who have a history of drug use.

  • I believe black lives matter and I will fight every day to make that a reality for all people. We need better training in our police forces and we need our officers to comply with the wishes of the public who employ them.

  • We need to recognize that police are first contact social workers. They are often the first point of contact for the victims of abuse, and for people struggling with homelessness, addiction, mental instability. I want to refocus the purpose of our police force towards providing assistance to Nevadans, over punishment of petty non-violent crimes like possession and street camping.

  • I would work to reduce or even end criminalizing traffic stops. The only people who are negatively affected by receiving a ticket are those who cannot afford it. Criminal Justice is unfair because the rich are never punished and the poor pay for it. We either need to eliminate charging people for minor traffic violations.

  • In 2016, Nevada legalized recreational cannabis. Yet, we still have prisoners who were incarcerated due to breaking laws having to do with cannabis. We need to immediately pardon them and their offenses because it is not just a problem for those who are now not breaking the law, but this has been proven to disproportionately effect black and brown people more.

  • We will work towards decriminalizing drug use and instead offer a medical alternative in how we deal with the drug epidemic in Nevada. Punishing people for drug use is just inhumane and unnecessary. It is time we begin to explore alternatives such as safe use facilities, medical facilities to offer treatment for addiction and an end to arresting people for using.

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